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Post-harvest loss reduction in fisheries in Bangladesh: A way forward to food security

Post-harvest loss reduction in fisheries in Bangladesh: A way forward to food security
Author : Dr. A K M Nowsad Alam, Principal Investigator of this research
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Language : English
Dated : October 2010
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Soft copy : Dr. A K M Nowsad Alam
Topics : Post-harvest fisheries of Bangladesh, Types of fisheries, Post-harvest condition of wet fish, Fishing season, Fishing season in inland capture fisheries, Fishing season in coastal waters, Jo and Dala for fish harvest, Supply of coastal and marine fish, Fish market in Bangladesh, Utilization of fish, Post-harvest quality situation of artisanal catch, Profile of market actors in fish value chain, Commonalities and divergence in SWOT, SEEP analysis, SWOT of fisherwomen, Development of a database on fish distribution and marketing, Estimation of post-harvest loss, Post-harvest loss in fish, Assessment of post-harvest loss, Biochemical and microbiological deterioration, Chemical quality indicators used, Biological indicators, Determination of quality loss, Quality loss of fish due to fish containers, Ice used in fish value chain, Use of formalin in fish, Use of toxic dye in fish, Post-harvest loss in fish products, Quality loss in dry fish, Postharvest loss in Shidhal or Chepa, Postharvest loss in salted ilish, Postharvest loss in smoked shrimp
Notes : This study was carried out with the support of the National Food Policy Capacity Strengthening Programme (NFPCSP)


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