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Training manual on Improved Rice-Fish Culture and Dyke Cropping

Training manual on Improved Rice-Fish Culture and Dyke Cropping
Author : Md. Mahabubul Alam Miah, Md Haider Ali and Md Habihur Rahman
Editor : William J. Collis, Md. Mokarrom Hossain, Md. Mahbubul Alam Miah, Ashoke Kumar Sarker, Md. Mazharul Islam (Jahangir), Sattyanarayan Roy, Gopal Chandra Saha and Israt Jahura
Publisher : Director, WorldFish Center, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Edition :
Language : English
Dated : September 2011
Copyright : Not mentioned
Price : Not mentioned
Total page : 62
Hard copy :
Soft copy : WorldFish Center
Topics : Overall knowledge of rice-fish culture and dyke cropping; Selection and preparation of land suitable for rice-fish and vegetable culture and rice cultivation management;  Management before rice-fish culture; Management during stocking of fish in rice field; Post- stocking management; Vegetable cropping of rice field dykes; Preservation of Income-Expenditure and information of rice-fish
culture and dyke cropping; Necessary information on measurements on fish farming etc.
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