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Post-harvest Fisheries Management in Bangladesh

Post-harvest Fisheries Management in Bangladesh
Author : Dr. A K M Nowsad Alam
Published in
: Proceedings of the Intl. Workshop on “Fish for the Future”, International Workshop organized by the Supply Chain Development Component of NATP
Editor : Dr. A K M Nowsad Alam
Publisher : Hortex Foundation, Dhaka
Edition :
Language : English
Dated : 2013
Copyright : No part of this proceeding can be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission. Small extracts of materials from this book, however, may be used in non-profit making scientific context by acknowledging as follows:
Nowsad, AKM, A. 2013. (Ed). Post harvest Fisheries Management Aimed at Reducing Post-Harvest Loss and Maximizing Proft. Proc. Intl. Symp. Fish for the Future, of the Supply Chain Development Component of NATP. Horticulture Export Development Foundation, Dhaka. 101 pp.
Price : Not mentioned
Total page : 75
Hard copy :
Soft copy : Dr. A K M Nowsad Alam
Topics : Post-mortem quality change in fish, How does a fish spoil? Methods of quality assessment of fish, Harvest and post-harvest fisheries in Bangladesh– the present scenario, Post-harvest handling of fish, Ice used in fish value chain, Toxic chemicals in fish, Scope of the further study
Note : The special thanks goes to the author, editor as well as copyright holder Dr. A K M Nowsad Alam who provide this document to publish on BdFISH


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